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El Palomar, Ledigos - Palencia


A couple of kilometers from the monolith that indicates halfway between Roncesvalles and Santiago de Compostela the small town of Ledigos, that has a modest hostel that was an old...

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370 Km. to Santiago close Reservar

La Morena, Ledigos - Palencia


The hostel La Morena is designed to provide shelter, both individually and collectively, to walkers who go to Santiago de Compostela, young people wanting to see the world or have...

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370 Km. to Santiago open Reservar

Viatoris, Sahagún - León


Our hostel has as a rule the honesty in the widest sense and the dedication to the people, so that from their walk to Santiago they take a pleasant impression...

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355 Km. to Santiago close Reservar